1. Update: contact chat again because email with the tracking number was supposed to arrive within 48 hours of card request being submitted. I had waited 72 and get a representative and ask if I can get the tracking number…she explains that the card was sent to San Francisco and asks if I now want that card blocked and a new one sent out…WTF?…I maintain control as much as possible and ask for her supervisor…supervisor says, “no, she was wrong, the card was sent to bla bla bla in Italy and here is the tracking number.”

    Bangs head on keyboard.

  2. Wow, talk about a roller coaster ride!

    • They actually had to send a second card out…no bother to mention that the first transaction had to be PIN based…not a signed transaction…so they blocked the first card when I tried to use it the first time…bangs head on keyboard.

  3. Finally. Second card arrives. Get card activated. Make sure to do PIN based transaction. I now can access funds for foraging needs.

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