My Fugly Fuzzy Boots

February 22, 2010

My Fugly Fuzzy Boots

Like many other members of the female gender, I have a love/hate relationship with My Fugly Fuzzy Boots.

Despite the common misconception, Florence in the winter is actually pretty cold.  Those Travel to Italy brochures don’t promote the sub-freezing temps we get at night in the winter and the cold rainy days.  The basil plant died from frost and my attitude gets chilled about as frequently as a penguin’s butt.

Thus, I frequently venture out of doors in the above pictured FFBs.  When I say frequently I really mean daily, because if you didn’t actually know me you would think I don’t have any other shoes.

Now, for the uninitiated, you’re like WTF?  Who cares?  Well, I live in Italy, where UGG boots and all their knock-off brethren have only recently appeared upon the feet of the alwaysmorestylishthanme residents of Florence.  Compared to the typical Italian shoe/boot/caresser of female ankles, these things are pretty unflattering.

Tottering over cobblestone streets in 3in heels is a skill acquired by the age of 15 here; along with glaring disdainfully at poorly dressed tourists with a cigarette dangling lackadaisically from the corner of your mouth whilst simultaneously texting on two different cell phones.  So the wearing of footwear that has a flatter factor of zero is hardly typical.  “Interesting” is the most common comment people have for them.

Now, they are not nearly as uncommon as they were only a couple years ago, but they still are not understood by most people.  Why, when you can select from some of the most well designed shoes on the planet would a person voluntarily choose to wear such things?  You can see it in the older women’s eyes when they look you up and down with the same look they would give you if you wore your pyjamas outside.

But, hey…my toes are warm.

Lesson of the day: being hot enough to avoid frostbite takes priority over looking hot


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