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Signs Indicating You Were, in Fact, Raised by Rabid Wolves

April 12, 2010

I can be a bitch, not a surprise to most people who have had any amount of interaction with me, cyber or otherwise.  But, the ire of my bitchiness is generally focused on those who have breached a personal boundary.  I very infrequently devolve into actual rudeness…every 28 days there is an increased potential for this if I am deprived of access to greasy, disgusting food.

My parents did their best to raise us all with manners and consideration for others so it irks me endlessly when people display an utter disregard for not only social convention in manners…things most people learn by kindergarten…or show a complete lack of concern for the health/safety/comfort of their fellow human beings.

Some recent samples of behavior which had me saying, “WTF?”:

  • A man on a train coming up and accusing me (wrongly, obviously) of being the person who turned the bathroom into an experiment in bacterial and viral growth and proceeding to tell me that I was disgusting…I just pretended I did not speak Italian in response.
  • Watching a man just walking past me and two other people waiting in line and trying to jump directly in front of me…I put a stop to that one.
  • Being offered the fantastic, once in a lifetime opportunity to be a whore in response to an innocuous advertisement which I had placed.
  • Listening to a woman talk shit on foreigners directly in front of me thinking I was Italian.
  • Watching a group in a restaurant eat as if it was their last chance to nourish themselves for a week…with open mouths, Hoover-worthy consumption speed and basically the table manners of a two-year old.

Seriously, if your parents did a not-so-brilliant job of teaching you the basics, then educate yourself and take 2.47 seconds to think how you would feel if someone did the same thing to you.

Alternately, read Robert Fulgum’s All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten and Emily Post’s website and books.  Because the most important aspects of manners are not about displaying your education or social class, they are about showing consideration for your fellow human beings.

Now, put your napkin in your lap and chew with your mouth closed and always wait your turn.


That is all.