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Bars: Nemesis or Godsend?

January 29, 2010

Cubs on a Night Out

Like most people who have managed to reach a certain age I have spent my share of time in bars and done my share of consuming adult beverages.

Ok, perhaps more than my share.

Okkkkkkkkk, my share plus three other people’s shares.

But I finally grew up and don’t drink as much any more. (Most of the time.)  I spent many nights with eyes at half mast and many mornings with headaches that felt like a crew of woodpeckers treating the inside of my cranium like a buffet.  My liver has been very angry with me on any given Sunday (M,T,W,T,F or S) in the past.

So here’s the negatives about bars:

  • You can’t hear yourself speak.
  • You can’t always find a seat.
  • I make better drinks than a lot of bartenders. (I did it for a living before)
  • You can’t hear hot guys speak…sometimes that should be in the plus category.
  • Guys think you are there to hook up with them.
  • You can only hear drunk sorority chicks scream, “OH MY GOD” so many times before wanting to take the toothpicks from your martinis and stab one into each of their eyeballs.
  • The line for the Ladies’ Room is always too long.
  • You wallet becomes very empty, very fast unless you are great friends with the bartender.

Here are some cool things about bars:

  • They have booze…in a much better variety than you have at home.
  • You don’t have to clean up.
  • If you don’t like one bar you can go to another…not like your house.
  • You can flirt with a bartender.
  • You can meet new and interesting people.
  • If you meet new and uninteresting people you can tell them to go away.
  • You can be a Cougar.
  • You can behave or misbehave.
  • Unless you are an idiot you can get a really nice buzz without getting any grief.

Verdict: Bars are FUN!!  They are gathering places in which you can take the edge off a difficult day at the office.  They are places which allow you to broaden your social circle.  They are places where you can meet Mr/s. Right or Mr/s. RightforTonight.

Should you be in one every night, probably not…but it can be fun for a while.