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Facebook Youtube Virus Generators

March 22, 2010

To the rat bastards who wrote that damn virus and are getting their rocks off knowing that millions of people are having serious computer issues and more, here is a little input from the peanut gallery:


Some people actually earn their living from their computer.

Thanks for costing me and countless others a boatload of cash.

Thanks for unleashing something incredibly negative into the world to prove just exactly how much of a twit you really are.

Thanks for not doing something positive with your obvious intelligence, the world is in serious need of further douchebaggery.

Thanks for reinforcing the idea that creating havoc/anarchy/discord are stepping stones on the path to computer geek coolness.

Please have your mother travel back in time and have her not spread her legs for your father.

Now, go rot away in that putrid basement of aforementioned mother in which you are living, fondling your life-size, blow-up rubber girlfriend and never venturing out into the real world with real human beings.